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Invisible Ink

The debut movie from award-winning cartoonist Nate Neal (The Sanctuary, Fantagraphics Books, 2010), Invisible Ink is a satirical insider's look into New York City's alternative cartooning scene. 

Chester Segar (Sean Shannon), whose first graphic novel has just been published, wants his book to be noticed and taken seriously by established self-absorbed icons like the Pulitzer Prize-winning Max Moskowitz (Ozzie Frankel) and the polarizing recluse Don Ism (Gary Perrine).  

Elzie Gould (Kalen Marie), has a simpler, but more insurmountable goal: to have a cartoon published in the most prestigious magazine in the country. 

Invisible Ink was created on a budget of just $24,000 and shot on location in the cramped apartments and crowded streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Its stark black and white cinematography, ironic use of classical music, assured storytelling and first-hand insight into one of the least visible corners of the art-world makes for an unique and personal motion picture experience.


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