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200-page graphic novel

Forward by Dave Sim

Published by Fantagraphics Books

35,000 years ago, a cave-painter turned outcast sets out on a dangerous mission to bring truth to his corrupt tribe with the help of his new discovery: drawings that tell a story.

"A phenomenal storytelling achievement."                 

-Ain't It Cool News

"The broad sweep of the book’s action and ideas unmistakably raises thoughtful questions, marking Neal as an artist to watch."

 -Publisher's Weekly

"A book of incredible depth. Giving it any short synopsis is next to impossible, so just do yourself a favor and read it."

-Politics and Prose

"Abstract, symbolic, metaphorical yet gloriously approachable, this devastatingly clever saga is a “must-see” for any serious fan of comics and every student of the human condition."

 -Now Read This 

"In the dynamics that Neal presents, you can see your country, your town, your work place and your family, all rolled into one cautionary tale."

-The Transcript

"Neal’s evocative, exaggerated line work captures a range of emotions in each character, enabling readers to understand, without grasping any of the dialogue, everything that’s occurring. The Sanctuary stands as one of the best comics of the year."


"Readers who are up for the challenge will be amply rewarded by this exceptionally 
inventive work."


Here's a sneak peek inside The Sanctuary...

INvisible INK

A feature-length movie written & directed by Nate Neal


Limited Edition DVD includes:

  • 19-page movie tie-in comic book 

  • extra scenes

  • trailer

  • director & producer commentary



Two socially inept cartoonists (one male, one female) try to further their careers by schmoozing with the eccentric and pompous insiders of the New York City cartooning scene.

Genre: Comedy / Runtime: 91 mins / Rating: "R" 

Director: Nate Neal / Producer: Virginia Lloyd

Writer: Nate Neal / Cinematography: Daniel Pagel

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